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El video “Up Here, in Canada” presenta una ingeniosa canción canadiense del músico de Columbia Británica, Clark W.

El video de YouTube lanzado en el 2020 y ya tiene más de 2 millones de visitas. No sorprende que la canción y el video proporcionen una visión humorística de quiénes son los canadienses. De hecho, podría convertirse en una de las canciones de temática canadiense más definitorias fuera del Himno Nacional y “Twelve Days of Christmas” de Bob y Doug Mackenzie.

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Según el músico y The Okanagan Mixing Studio que creó el video, está “dedicado a toda la buena gente de Canadá y todas las cosas que hacen únicos a los canadienses” y cubre prácticamente todo lo que hace de Canadá el mejor país del mundo.


Timmies and hockey, syrup and bacon
Molson and mounties petrol can stationsThrowin’ on some cheese and gravy on top of our fries (that’s a poutine)And we wear our plaid sweaters when we walk amongst the northern lights
Rockies and prairies, oceans and lakesOther than winter, all the seasons are greatBrushin’ off the snow a little longer than we’d like, oh-oh-ohBut you won’t hear us complaining ’cause that just wouldn’t be polite (no man)
‘Cause up here, in CanadaThe air’s clear, the weather’s adequateWe all cheer, we’re pretty passionateAnd everybody has a pet polar bear (and a moose)Yah, up here, in Canada
Celsius, kilometres, Prime Ministers and provincesWe maybe say it different but we always keep our promisesWe said we’d win the gold back in 2010 (and we did)But because we’re so nice, we’ll let you win every now and again (but not too much)
‘Cause up here, in CanadaWe like beards, we think they’re fabulousWe don’t fear, if people laugh at usFor wearing six pairs of long underwear (and a toque)Yah, up here, in Canada
Basketball, telephones, Wonder-bras and hockeySnowmobiles, ketchup chips and even walkie-talkiesPeanut butter, garbage bags, the mighty foghornJust a few things that you can thank us for (you’re welcome)
Shatner, Carrey, Myers, Gosling, Reynolds and ReevesCandy, Short, Michael J. and all of Schitt’s CreekCeline, Shania, Adams, Bieber, Bublé and DrakeWe’re sorry about Nickelback, yah, that was a mistakeWe’re sorry, we’re sorry, yah, we’re sorry, ehWe’re so, so, sorry!
‘Cause up here, in CanadaWe like beer, and our cannabisAnd each year, we all get taxed a bunchBut everybody gets free healthcare (and a goos)Yah, up here, in Canada
Coo-ooh-coo-coo, coo-coo-coo-cooCoo-ooh-coo-coo, coo-coo-coo-cooCoo-ooh-coo-coo, coo-coo-coo-cooCoo-ooh-coo-coo, coo-coo-coo-cooCoo-ooh-coo-coo, coo-coo-coo-coo
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